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Basic Bolster - Indigo Blue
Basic Bolster - Indigo Blue - 1

Basic Bolster - Indigo Blue



A basic bolster that will bring support and gentleness into your practice.

The bolster is designed to support back, neck, lower back or knee cavities during restorative yoga postures and supports a deeper relaxation.


The outer and inner cover are made of organic cotton. The bolster is filled with buckwheat chaff.

This ensures an even distribution and therefore optimal comfort. The padding can be supplemented or reduced as desired. 
The buckwheat hulls in the bolster will settle after a while, so to maintain best comfort, it needs to be refilled once in a while. .

Inner material: Buckwheat
Material cover: Cotton
Size: 60x16 cm
Total weight: 2265 gr.
With each new order there can be a slight difference in colour due to different dye baths.