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Mandala Tie Dye Legging

Mandala Tie Dye Legging

€ 59,00 € 85,00
Slim Top

Slim Top

€ 59,95
High Waist Active Legging

High Waist Active Legging

€ 59,00 € 79,95

Mandala Yoga Wear: Colorful & Feminine

Mandala is one of the first German fashion companies to produce a sustainable and ethical yoga wear collection. "Ethics and fashion, integrating both is our vision for our future and we are fascinated by the fact, that more and more people are supporting this idea"

The Mandala Mission

We devote our attention to our customers, to our garments and to our environment. Together we can make a difference. Do join us in our commitment towards a sustainable fashion trend. Our Yoga garments and Wellness Fashion are made out of organic cotton and we offer Eco-Shopping de Luxe: whereby Mandala combines an urban lifestyle with conciousness to our environment. Soft colors and flattering, organic cotton fabrics - together with a feminine styling - satisfy the standards of our customers who not only live consciously but dress accordingly as well. Green Chic!

Mandala's qualities:

  • Textiles from certified organically grown cotton
  • Non-toxic coloring
  • Use of sewing cotton, buttons from natural materials, nickel free metals
  • Regular control of the final product
  • Produced in selected small businesses