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Our mission with Yogamii is to combine a passion for yoga with a mindful approach
and the need for doing things right - when we design, produce and sell yoga wear.

We wish to inspire and encourage people to be conscious and to be mindful - about our environment, our body and about our fellow human beings.

Be an inspiration
Could we be an inspiration for others in such a way that it's possible to produce quality clothes in a more sustainable way?

Luckily, it has become increasingly accessible to buy products created with sustainability in mind.

It is our goal to inspire more and more people to have a sustainable mindset and to produce and buy products created with care. We therefore select GOTS certified, organic materials of high quality for our products and make sure that our supplier have decent working conditions.

Be conscious
Designing and producing yoga wear and organic clothes is fun and exciting yet a challenging creative process. Doing it with strict sustainable rules is an even bigger challenge.

Getting ideas and making the sketches is the easy part, but then comes the difficult part and all the questions - what is actually possible to produce in a sustainable way?

For us, the durability of a product is important. By producing organic products of high-quality at affordable prices for your yoga practice, we wish to make it easy to choose a sustainable way of living and consuming. And being a sustainable brand, we believe that the compromises we need to accept are worth it.

Be mindful
We dream of becoming a worldwide sustainable yoga brand, but we also remember to stop and breathe. It is all about being present, here and now, and accepting the course of things.

We want to create sustainable relationships for ourselves as well as for the people we work with in relation to our products.


We are proud of our sustainable production chain. With gentle production methods, decent working conditions and certified materials, we’ve done our best to make sure that buying and wearing our products is an easy conscious choice.