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Studio K is an earth-loving, ethical and eco-friendly brand owned by a swedisch couple with roots in fashion and based in Bali. The designs are timeless and sophisticated, crafted by hand with love and intention. StudioK blends fashion, functionality and love for the planet by offering organic yoga- and loungewear for conscious women who care about their imprint.

The designs are soft, silky, durable, breathable and ethically produced. Each garment is inspired from the 60’s when the boundary between sportswear and fashion was faded.

"We studied Fashion Design and Pattern Making during our University days, but soon after left the industry as the Fashion world in its core did not chime with the values that consolidated increasingly within us over the years: to be of service for humanity and live in harmony with the needs of our planet. Inspired by yoga as a living art form and particularly my journey as a yoga practitioner and teacher evoked the intention for a purpose and value-driven mindset to be married with the desire to create – something that has never left us throughout the years. Studio K is our attempt to interweave the values and principles of yoga, social justice and our deep calling for creating something meaningful and impactful. We are here to create, in accordance, alignment and approval with nature, her cycles and our love for our planet."

"With recent events happening in our world and their immense impact on all of our realities we feel more than ever called to use our brand as a platform to educate, create transparency and share what we have learned along this ride. We aspire to speak about #serioussustainability, female empowerment, environmental issues, social change & activism and yoga. We aspire to be an active changemaker in the fashion industry that dare consumers to wear and live their values.

It feels dreamy to witness our ideas in full expression, to move through our resistance and our stories - and that is essentially why we are doing this - to live our lives fully, to stay open to our potential and capacity, to work through the conditioning that is holding us back from standing in our power, to keep the channel open -  so that we can hear our soul's calling. We are a constant work in progress, constantly learning and morphing, and we hope that our wobbly human journey inspires you to live your truth and to listen to your heart's cravings, too."