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About Yoga Specials

To feel good has nothing to do with what you're wearing during your yoga class, it concerns yourself. Freedom of spirit and movement in the unity of body and mind. Everything else is matter of secondary importance, we know, but it feels so good to enjoy the inessentials as well ! 
YogaSpecials offers an extraordinary collection mens & womens yoga wear & more.
All brands & designs are created by yoga teachers from various countries all over the world with a background in different yoga styles <more info about designers, select 'brands'>. 
Therefore the yoga wear collection Yoga Specials offers can be used for all kinds of yoga or just to feel good.
Pure Flow Fun...
...3 major characteristics for Yoga Specials. Pureness...the essence... is expressed by plain, simple designs using organic fabrics. Here you mostly find items by TOYoga and Anjaly. Simplicity is their focus...often not as simple as you think...
Flow, a very important concept in yoga as well, especially expressed in ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Energy, abundantly flowing. In this category yoga wear were form follows function like designs by KAYA, Wellicious and Mandala. And not in the least important Fun! Yoga is fun! At it's best expressed by We'ar & DEHA. The maximal combination of Fun, Fashion & Yoga.
100% fashion, 100% green, 100% fair wear
Our yoga wear is -as much as possible- made of certified organic cotton or bamboo, produced in small amounts in small scale businesses by people we know, Every brand is committed to ethical manufacturing
Yoga Specials yoga wear collection:
  • Filippa K, Sweden
  • 10Days Amsterdam
  • Manduka, USA
  • PrAna, USA
  • House of Gravity, NL/Sing
  • TOYoga, Italy  
  • Yogamii, Denmark
  • We'ar, New Zealand
  • Yoga Democracy, USA
  • Asquith, London
  • Aum Rudraksha, Bali
  • Quarzia, Italy
  • Mandala, Germany
  • DEHA, Italy
  • Oleana , Norway
  • Lanius, Germany
  • Teeki, USA
Yoga Specials STORE LEIDEN is located at Langebrug 73.  Open on Wednesday till Saturday from 11.00am.
Yoga Specials STORE HAARLEM is located at Kleine Houtstraat 92. Open on Wednesday till Saturday from 11.00am
The address of Yoga Specials WEBSHOP  is:
Pieterskerkgracht 5, 2311SZ Leiden, The Netherlands
You can contact us by email:, or give us a call: +31 6 55193484
Feel good!