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Inner Compass cards open up a dialogue – with either yourself or others – aiming to unlock self-awareness and their unique potential. 

Every day shuffle the deck with focus and intention, pick one or more cards instinctively, and your intuition will guide you toward a new pattern of belief and positivity. It is impossible to choose the wrong card; the right one will always present itself!

Eclectic in nature, inner compass was activated from a combination of ancient wisdoms linking maya mythology, Taoism, Buddhism and the I Ching. By arranging these sources along a specific algorithm, one card contains many levels of depth and interconnectedness so every being will benefit from their use.

All three Inner Compass decks consist of 49 carefully and intuitively curated cards with an accompanying guide book to navigate your journey of self-discovery.


Inner Compass cards is an easy-to-use, highly effective tool for self-reflection and personal growth with playful and whimsical undertones. This deck supports you finding direction in life or in a new day.

Inner Compass – Love cards are designed to guide you through all of your relationships. They are designed to cultivate and maintain healthy interactions throughout all your connections. The cards open your eyes to the many ways in which connection is possible, awakening your relationships into healing opportunities to amplify love, growth, and connection.

Inner Compass – Kids cards offer children insights and tools to step into their own power, in a playful manner. Ideal for conscious parenting!