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Yoga Specials
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Yoga pants

Yoga-Specials offers a unique and extensive collection mens & womens yoga pants.

All brands & designs are created by yoga teachers from various countries all over the world with a background in different yoga styles. 
Therefore the collection of yoga pants Yoga Specials offers suits yoga professionals as well as yoga novices and can be used for all kinds of yoga or just to feel good.
Certified organic
Our yoga pants are -as much as possible- made of certified organic cotton or bamboo, produced in small amounts by small scale businesses, within the right production circumstances. Every brand is commited to ethical manufacturing. 
The Yoga Specials yoga pants collection now consists of:
Yoga Pants Women
  • TOYoga, Italy: Indian Pants, Sun Pants, Cloud Leggings, Long yoga Leggings
  • KAYA, England: Harem Pants, Garuda Pants, Nakra Shorts
  • We'ar, New Zealand: Button Through, Hasu Pants, Maru Pants, New Romantic, Raja Pants, Lapsoung leggings, Tri Yoga Leggings, Papa Yogi
  • Anjaly, Israel: Allround Pants, Kimono Pants, Iyengar Shorts, Xtra long yoga leggings
  • Mandala, Germany: Flare Pants, Lotus Pants, Cropped Pants, Roll Down Pants, Classic yoga pants, Batik yoga leggings, Tie dye pants
  • Wellicious: 3/4 yoga pants, Allround pants, Button up pants, Evergreen pants, Stay down Legging, Yoga Pants, Impulse 7/8 leggings
  • Asquith London: Heavenly Harem Pants, Flow with it Leggings, Jump to it Capri, Every Cloud Cuff Pants,  Go To Pants
Yoga Shorts Women
- TOYoga: Sweat shorts, City Shorts
- KAYA: Nakra Shorts
- We'ar: Raja shorts, How Short, shorts
- Mandala: Yoga Shortie
- Wellicious: Get up shorts
Yoga Pants Men
  • We'ar, New Zealand: Freestyle Shorts, Practice Shorts, Terry Shorts, 20s Skinny, Papa Dude
  • Anjaly, Israel: Mens Pants long, Knee Yoga Pants
  • TOYoga: Asana Yoga Shorts, Active Yoga shorts
To feel good has nothing to do with what you're wearing during your yoga class, it concerns yourself. Freedom of spirit and movement in the unity of mind and body. Everything else is matter of secondary importance, although it can be fun to enjoy the inessentials as well ! 
Yoga Specials
Feel good!
Inigma Pants

Inigma Pants

€ 109,90
Knit Pants

Knit Pants

€ 112,00
Flared Tuxedo Pants

Flared Tuxedo Pants

€ 69,00 € 95,00
Floral Lounge Pants

Floral Lounge Pants

€ 85,00 € 125,00