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From the very beginning Asquith wanted to make a positive impact on the world. That may sound like a big statement but it forms the foundations of every decision. The materials used, where the clothes are made, how you feel wearing them, the content shared with the community; positivity is at the very core.

Yamas and Niyamas are yoga’s principles for living, which Asquith strives to reflect in the ethical and honest way of running a company. They have used some of them to form the foundations of their promises to you…


Asquith will never compromise human conditions or the planet for profit. The Asquith collection is made from fabrics that are ethically grown, chemical free and sustainable.  Asquith is committed to support organic production where possible.

Asquith manufactures in small factories in Turkey and Portugal, where employees have a good working environment, work a maximum of 45 hours a week and have paid holiday.

Recycling as much as possible and no usage of animal products, nothing is ever tested on animals.

The Asquith collections are designed to be durable and will last much longer than high street versions, which is better for you and the world.

Asquith supports The Hope Foundation who work with street children in India and The Pink Ribbon Programme who support women who have had breast cancer surgery. 


As Asquith says: "Our community of like-minded women mean everything to us and there is always an open and honest dialogue – good, bad or ugly! We value your opinion and we will always choose what is best for you, not us."


Asquith encourages the growth and well-being of others and promote a healthy and clean lifestyle and a gentle, ethical way of living.


Asquith wants you to feel good in the present, "One of the reasons we love yoga and Pilates is they are for everyone and we are also inclusive and non-judgemental, championing all women of all shapes and sizes. We believe practicing yoga and Pilates helps bring contentment but equally important is celebrating the good in the world, in others and you!"


Asquith strives to be the encouraging, motivating voice that inspires you to achieve your goals. Healthy lifestyles and productive, positive thoughts and actions that help women to feel happy in their own skin.



The Asquith collections are designed to make you feel good wherever you wear them. From downward dogs to dining out, the garments are designed for women with busy lifestyles who want flexibility from their activewear.
That’s why they are always subtle in design and don’t look too ‘sporty’. However functional, fit for purpose and hardwearing for ‘on mat’ activities but also feminine and soft to wear ‘off mat’. The logo is a vertical row of seven circles that represents the seven Chakras, the energy points in our body, is purposefully discreet. We don’t want you to feel like you’re overpowered by a logo or wearing your gym kit when you’re dashing about the place (or stretched out on the sofa!).


- Made with love, worn with love -