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In 2005 Italian fashion designers Marco Lastrucci and Simonetta Quarti launched their now famous brand Quarzia.
Quarzia designs are built upon a foundation inspired by traditional Indonesian techniques and then infused with a European sense of color and design.
Quarzia works exclusively with local batik artisans. Batik is one of the most time-honored and respected arts in all of Indonesia. The true artistry of Batik is a dying culture and Quarzia is working to keep this century's old tradition alive while bringing it into the 21st century by using modern international patterns.
By using only local artisans in their production, Quarzia is making an enormous contribution towards keeping Batik alive in Indonesian culture, while creating better lives for the mostly poor Indonesians who practice this art.
Quarzia has created a positive work environment with good working conditions, decent salaries and equal opportunities for all of their employees. Ethical fashion is an important directive of their business.