Manduka eQua Towel LTD edition Handloom


Absorbent, non-slip and quick drying. The eQua Mat Towel spreads over your yoga mat to provide a sanitary and slip resistant surface. Works great for all types of yoga including astangha vinyasa and power yoga.

- covers whole mat, 182 cm long, 67 cm wide

- ultra lightweight with exceptional durability

- Split micofiber technology for optimal moisture absorption, evaporation and wet-grip.

- Soft suede-like feel


The most versatile performance yoga towel on the planet. Designed with yoga in mind and easily transitions to a beach, surf, travel, gym or workout towel. The soft, suede-like, microfiber fabric is ultra absorbent, exceptionally durable and incredibly quick drying which leads to a slip-free yoga experience. Works great for all types of yoga including hot, vinyasa and power. Studio to beach, lightweight and easy to pack with you wherever you go.


Manduka, Calafornia, USA