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Love Generation Meditation Cushion - Field Flowers
Love Generation Meditation Cushion - Field Flowers - 1
Love Generation Meditation Cushion - Field Flowers - 2
Love Generation Meditation Cushion - Field Flowers - 3
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Love Generation Meditation Cushion - Field Flowers



  • Inner and outer cover 100% cotton
  • Heigth: +/- 15 cm, diameter: 30 cm
  • Filling: 100% organic buckwheat hull
  • Durable canvas outer cover with all the way round zipper in side seam
  • Unbleached cotton inner sleeve with side zipper
  • Wide carry strap
  • Adjustable height
  • Machine washable at low temperature
  • Use 'horizontally' for cross-legged or lotus
  • Use 'vertically' for seiza (sitting with knees forward and feet backward)


This Love Generation round meditation cushion (or Zen zafu) is made of a very strong cotton canvas and is filled with organic buckwheat hull.

Buckwheat hull is a byproduct of buckwheat (for consumption), an extremely durable and lightweight material that provides perfect seat support. It has been used for centuries for filling meditation cushions, for example in the Zen tradition.

This Love Generation meditation pillow is unique is not just for the indestructible canvas cover and extra wide carry strap, but especially for the zipper with which the outer cover of the cushion can be removed; unlike almost all other meditation cushions, the Love Generation meditation cushions have a strong zipper all the way around the bottom, in a circle. This allows you to open the outer cover all the way like a case, and remove the inner cushion with great ease. We can assure you it saves a lot of hassle when you want to wash the outer case. The tab of the zipper is neatly and safely tucked away behind the carry strap.

The inner casing also has a zipper, but across. The inner cushion can be adjusted in height by removing the filling a little bit. That way you can always set the height that suits you best. Do you sit cross legged at ease? Then it's recommended to lower the cushion a bit. Is the crossed-legged position uncomfortable for you? Then turn the meditation cushion on its side, and sit in ‘seiza', with your knees on either side forward and your feet flat back.


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