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KURMA CORE Lite Yogamat Glacier Bay
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KURMA CORE Lite Yogamat Glacier Bay



Sturdy wear-resistant yoga mat suitable for every yoga style in any location.

Lemgth: 185 cm

Width: 66 cm

Thickness: 4,2 mm

Weight: 2,1 kg

Wider and longer compared to standard yogamats.

Can be used on both sides. The smooth side may be more grippy than the embossed side.

Made of high grade PVC which makes the made extremely durable and recyclable!

Made in Europe and therefore low carbon footprint.

Before initial use, we recommend wiping your KURMA CORE yoga mat using a cloth or a non-scratch sponge moistened with a few drops of organic washing-up liquid and water. This will remove possible film residue left by the manufacturer. Afterwards rinse with clear water, lay flat and dry completely.

Thanks to the mat’s closed-cell structure, no deep cleaning is required. Instead, simply clean the top surface with a wet cloth and a mild organic detergent or sanitizing spray if necessary. Rinse with clear water, lay flat and dry completely. The mat can be left to dry in the sunshine.

*If you regularly sweat or experience sweaty hands, we recommend using a yoga towel on top of your CORE mat.

Always roll your CORE yoga mat with the embossed top surface facing outwards. This prevents curling edges, ensuring your mat will stay flat to the ground while  you practice. When rolled up the mat stands vertically on its own for easy storage.




Recyclable PVC