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We'ar yoga wear: Fun & Fashion

We’ar is a living thesis with New Zealand roots. Something of an experiment in what is possible when designing  a business around a passion for being human and loving the earth.
We’ar employs yogic principles that respect the individual, community and nature as the basis for doing  business. Yoga means union and teaches us that in each and every moment we have the power to create and manifest the world we dream of.  By observing and practicing compassion, contentment and non-violence we’ar seeks to remain centered in it’s  heart when using the tools of design, technology and tradition to navigate a pathway of a truly human nature –a pathway of conscious evolution.
Humans have long known the means through which to live in balance with our natural environment but somehow we took a bit of a wrong turn during the industrial revolution and landed on a path of extraction and consumption that is leading us into a desert with little hope of a cool oasis at the end of the journey.  We’ar is interested in opening our eyes and starting to re-draw the roadmap of bountiful existence for all life on earth.
What aspirations! And why not?  We’ar remarkable creatures with all the wisdom of the ages within us and the warp engines of technology powering us. With the application of love and commonsense we’ar the people we’ve been waiting for!