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The difference between regular cacao and ceremonial grade cacao is the way it has been processed and prepared.

For ceremonial cacao, the processing is kept as minimal and pure as possible. Freshly harvested beans are fermented and then dried, but never roasted. 

The husks are removed from the dried beans to leave broken cacao nibs. These nibs are then ground into a thick paste. The paste is molded and cooled into solid blocks, then it’s ready to be used as ceremonial cacao. A block like this is similar to 100% chocolate with no sugar added, but it is created simply, without conching or tempering. 

The main intention is to leave the cacao in its most natural state, retaining all the precious nutrients and energies that cacao may offer, nothing added nor removed.

Once the beans are delivered to UBUD RAW, we dry them, remove the shells and grind them at minimal temperatures, to preserve the nutritional and biochemical integrity of beans. Each stage of the process is performed with love and intention to create the most delicious and medicinally potent raw ceremonial grade cacao that can be experienced.

We believe our UBUD RAW ceremonial cacao is one of the world’s finest quality ceremonial grade cacaos that exist. It is created to support personal growth, spiritual exploration, deep inspiration and connection with the Divine, according to each person’s own beliefs and practices.

Located in Ubud Bali, Ubud raw chocolate has brought a new experience in enjoying chocolate. Their partnership with a cooperative of organic farmers in West Bali means that Ubud Raw is able to ethically source the highest quality fermented raw cacao beans, while also supporting local farmers who themselves have a mission to support Balinese women’s empowerment and pioneer the Indonesian organic cacao movement. UBUD RAW is also engaged with other social projects such as Ecobricks, BGreener and Refill My Bottle, and are constantly innovating towards having a net-positive ecological impact.